Best of the Blogs – 20 March 2012

The economics of budgets since the war
From Centre for Policy Studies blog

This post by the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) discusses the economics of the UK Budget presentation, which is due to take place on Wednesday. It is written by Nigel Knight, a fellow and director of studies in economics at Churchill College, University of Cambridge. The posts discusses previous chancellors of the exchequer and how they dealt with tax, inflation and government spending in their respective budgets.

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BNE report on Scotland fact not “fantasy”
From Business for New Europe blog

This post by Business for New Europe discusses a new report into the possible independence of Scotland from the United Kingdom. The post highlights a new BNE in-depth report into Scottish independence, entitled Scottish Independence and EU Accession, and is written by Daniel Furcy, an associate at BNE and author of the report, and Philip Souta, director at BNE. In particular, the post responds to suggestions by Alyn Smith, MEP for the Scottish National Party, that the report was “fantasy” and outlines the facts that underline the report.

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Eurozone policy-makers place a big bet
From Centre for European Reform blog

In this post, Simon Tilford, chief economist at the Centre for European Reform, discusses the status of the Eurozone and whether European leaders have managed to “lance the boil” in regards to exiting the crisis. In particular, the post suggests that recent lower borrowing costs in Italy and Spain have been caused more by ECB’s long-term refinancing operation (LTRO) rather than the strategy of fiscal austerity and structural reforms. As such, it says that the ECB may have simply bought Europe time whilst what Europe really needs is a return to economic growth.

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