SN Binocular – 12/06

Every fortnight, the Stockholm Network sends out its SN Binocular with updates on network activity from the SN Blog at and this is the latest edition.

Gesundheit! 11

The latest edition of the Stockholm Network’s Gesundheit! newsletter focuses on a new vision for the future of healthcare. In this issue, we bring together four leading experts

Best of the Blogs – 12/06

Every month, the Stockholm Network summarises some of the best pieces from the blogs of our network member think tanks, including English and foreign language articles.

SN on Twitter

The Stockholm Network is keen to explore the social media potential for the many think tank members within our network. This post provides a brief focus on Twitter.

Liberty English Camp 2012

The Polish Instytut Globalizacji is organising a summer camp in English and entrepreneurship that will combine the improvement of English language with teaching free market economics

Putin Again

The London-based Centre for Research into post-Communist Economies (CRCE) is hosting a talk on the political future of the Russian Federation, following Vladimir Putin’s victory

Organised Crime in BG

Countering Organised Crime in Bulgaria: Study on the Legal Framework analyses and assesses the legal framework on countering organised crime and examines the problems

Denmark pushes energy

As its presidency of the EU comes to an end, Denmark is urging lawmakers to reach an agreement on the EU’s energy policy, in particular by making concessions on energy efficiency.

French retirement age

France’s newly-elected Socialist president, Francois Hollande, has unveiled proposals to cut the retirement age from 62 to 60 years. The measures were announced by a new government

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